Strategic processes are about being lifted out of a busy day – getting an overview, gaining perspective, looking long-term – to set the right goals and priorities.

Organizational development

Organizational development is about developing an efficient and resilient organization that provides both adequate management and necessary flexibility to ensure that resources are utilized in the best possible way.

Leadership development

Leadership development is about developing the individual leader as a person – acknowledging his or her own strengths and weaknesses, creating awareness of their own behavior and a basis for good communication.

Project management

Project management is about securing delivery with desired content and quality within the given framework with regards to costs and progress.


The program runs over 12 months as a combination of joint workshops for the participating companies and quique development processes in each company.
“We have dual background with broad practical experience from business and industry with management and development of companies in several industries, as well as extensive experience as consultants for development-oriented businesses.”
“The strategy work meant that in 2016 we completed our largest single investment with 53 mill NOK and plans to pass 300 mill NOK in revenue in 2019.”

Roar Voll, General Manager in Alvdal Skurlag AS

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