Organizational development

Organizational development

Organizational development is about developing an efficient and resilient organization that provides both sound management and necessary flexibility to ensure that resources are utilized in the best possible way.

Organizational development must be viewed as an ongoing process throughout the life cycle of the business. The various operational phases of a business will determine which areas require attention, along with the framework for business conditions at the time and how that framework may change. Controlling the process should be part of the company’s vision and motivation regarding its ambition and overall goals.

Organizational development is more than drawing an organization chart. There must be a structure that defines responsibilities and ownership of resources, but equally important is the establishment of various forms of cooperation that enable a flow of resources to take care of the organization as a whole. Overall guidelines should be in place to define roles and responsibilities, optimize internal and externally directed processes, describe routines, rules, and more.

Organizational development is also about safeguarding and developing people. Central to this is development of a corporate culture and a value base that supports the management’s leadership and vision.


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